The Case for Credobaptism

This week we brought on Josh's friend Marty, who works as a worship pastor, to talk about why he believes Credobaptism is biblical. This conversation was very fun, so we ended up going a little longer than expected. We hope you enjoy it!

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Side note: There were a few recording difficulties on Andy's end, so please pardon the slightly worse sound and any little glitches.


The Case for Paedobaptism

This week the guys sat down with Andy's pastor, Adam Viramontes, and discussed the case for paedobaptism- the practice of baptising the children (even infants) of believers. The conversation ranged from Adam's personal story of embracing paedobaptism, to the nature of God's covenant with his people. We hope that you find this episode challenging and interesting! 

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Theology Matters: A Conversation With a Missionary to Rwanda

This week we had the amazing opportunity to speak with Matt, a friend of Josh's who does mission work in Rwanda. We talked about what Matt is doing with farming communities there, why theology is so important, and much more. The conversation was broad, so there will be something to interest everyone! 

Also a note: we had some technical difficulties while recording this episode, and Josh was forced to record with dogs in the background, so we apologize for any issues. 

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Book Review: Letters to the Church

This week we are discussing the book "Letters to the Church" by Francis Chan. This book, in which Chan critiques the American church, has gotten a lot of attention recently. We decided to read it for ourselves and share our thoughts!

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What is the Message of Revelation?

This week we are taking a look at the book of Revelation and how to understand it. Join us for this wild ride through the most mystifying book of the New Testament! 

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