The Uncontrolling Love of God - With Thomas Jay Oord

This week Dr. Thomas Jay Oord sat down to have a great conversation with the guys. They discuss his book 'The Uncontrolling Love of God'. They talk about the Sovereignty of God, Divine Providence, Love, Miracles and a few other things just for good measure. We hope you enjoy the conversation. 


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Books by Tom that we referenced:

The Uncontrolling Love of God 

God Can't

Introducing Marty Fredrick - And Some Other Stuff

This week please help us welcome our newest host, Marty Fredrick. In this episode, you will find out all you need to know about Marty (including his favorite hockey team) AND you can learn about all the ways he enjoys making fun of Josh. 

Then, just for fun... Josh and Marty discuss Game of Thrones. 


Marty mentions his band in the episode... you can find them here:

Unraptured? With Zack Hunt

This week Josh and Andy had the opportunity to sit down with Zack Hunt to talk about his new book, 'Unraptured: How End Times Theology Gets It Wrong'. Break out your maps and charts... you won't want to get left behind! 

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Resource Suggestions from Zack:

Pocket Guide To The Apocalypse

The Rapture Exposed

Revelation Commentary 


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Timshel Translation (w/Bonnie Lewis)

This week Josh was joined by our producer Matt and guest Bonnie Lewis to talk about a project Bonnie is working on, called the "Timshel Translation". This is an intriguing endeavor that is sure to provoke some interesting conversation, so check it out!

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Can Christians Be Violent? (w/ Bonnie Kristian)

This week we had the chance to talk with writer Bonnie Kristian on the question of violence and Christianity. This is a complicated question, and as we discovered, it connects to many areas of our theology. We hope that this episode will help you think well about this issue.

You can check out Bonnie's book, "Flexible Faith" here. 

You can also check out more of Bonnie's work on her website,

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Expository Exultation; Discussing John Piper's Book on Preaching

This week we sat down to talk about John Piper's book "Expository Exultation", and to talk about preaching in general. We had a good conversation about the importance of preaching in the church, the role of the listener in preaching, and more!

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Discussing the Book of Romans

This week the guys are talking about the book of Romans. This episode touches on a lot of different issues in the book, so hopefully you will find it engaging and edifying!

Here are some resources we mentioned in the episode:

NT Wright, "Justification"

Tom Schreiner, "Faith Alone"

Michael Horton, "Justification"

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Christmas Doesn't Suck

This week's episode is a little bit lighter as we took some time to talk about Christmas! The conversation went many places, but if you've ever wondered whether Santa Claus is a heretic this might be the episode for you.

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